Belly Pork and Crackling

24/07/2008 22:05

Looks like Belly Pork is a big favourite at the minute. Tonight we had the usual mixed bag on the board here at the Joiners in Hunwick. However that said the big seller was the Belly Pork with Crackling. It seems like people have cottoned onto the fact that this is a really tasty and moist bit of meat. Funny, the old cheap cuts are becoming popular. Especially in County Durham this was something eaten alot just after the 2nd World war.

Anyway, that's enough about the food for now, the chat in the bar was lively as usual, talk was of 'The Joiners Open Golf Day' and some fishing that may be coming to fruition. Alister is going to be coached by a certain Stephen Wragg or Rick Keegans, or whom-so-ever gets the job on his golfing skills which are non existant! 

The Open Golf Day is always a great day. I would suggest that if you fancy a drink and alot of conversation, that you pop in on Tuesday coming. There is always alot of fun, bitching, and joviality at these do's!

The lads might be off fishing on Friday next week so look out for freshly caught Pollock, Cod or Ling on the menu on Saturday! However given Alister's ineptitude at organising fishing trips, it might not happen.

Best joke tonight... 'My mate had a fight in a local curry house last night. The owner threw him in a big pot of curry. He's in a deep korma and might not wake up for some while'



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