Cracking Night

17/01/2009 11:08

Last night in The Joiners Arms was excellent.

Lots of people came in for our January sales (see News) and lots more for a drink. There really was an eclectic mix in. Young and old, male and female, human and Nigel.

From what I hear the food went down really well and although I never partook the odours were gorgeous, but what really made the night last night was the banter in the bar.

Conversations were wide and ranging. Discussions included a quizzical look at capitol cities, quotes from Shakespeare (he was English you know), the price of gold and is it better than a pension, fishing, the price our local farmers are getting for lamb on the continent and a joke or two. the pace of the crack took an upturn when Paul and Clare arrived all suited and booted from a wedding. Clare for her part was not giving Alister R an inch in his terrible joke telling which in turn was comletely halted when Alan the jeweller interrupted one of Alisters longest jokes with the punch line.

Joanne was up to her usual tricks again, swapping wine for blackcurrant and water much to the delight of customers.

Ian had a very busy night with the food again but was in fine form considering the length of his shift in the kitchen, i don't know what it is but when he has a pint of the finest in his hand (and his pub is full) he always seems to manage a smile.

Father Stewart popped in too, managing to lift the tone a bit in conversation with Michael and Alistair. I would implore Stewart to visit more often, he makes me keep my jokes clean.

What a good night, good people and a good pub!


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