Last Of The Summer Whines

05/09/2008 09:53

Our glorious summer is nearly over, the local House Martins are gathering together for a final swoop, the starlings are flocking, they are all getting ready to make like a banana and split. I know, I know but it is sad. The whole summer has been a bit of a let down and now that the leaves are dropping from the trees it makes your heart sink! Just a bit, not alot.

On the up side there is always a bit of warmth in the ever increasingly chilly September air. One oasis of light in the gloom of the beginning of autumn. The Joiners where the banter is always interesting, the lights are on and the beer is flowing (as are the wines, spirits, soft drinks, coffee etc..)

So; as we head into Autumn we can also begin to think about the good things that lay ahead for us all. Autumn is a time of vivid colours, foraging for mushrooms and berries, catching the last of the salmon and sea trout, walks in the local countryside, fireworks, bonfires, trick or treating, football and rugby. Bye bye cricket, so long summer fete's and adios Olympics the summer is dead, long live the autumn.

For our part we will be putting our thinking caps on and be organising an event or two soon, so please do come back to the website to see what's upcoming. Perhaps a fish night or a quiz? you can always suggest something if you like!


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