Leek Club Show

03/09/2008 21:53

Having a leek club is as strong a tradition in the North of England as dancing a merry jig is in Scotland on Hogmany. We have our own leek club and we have our show this September, on the 14th!

For those of you who do not know what it's all about it is where the local growers all meet to show off their prize veggies. It's not all leeks but some of these things are monsters.

Benching is at 4pm, that means that anyone who is in it to win it must have their veg proudly presented on the tables by this time. From there judging will take place and winners confirmed (Gripping Stuff), but more impotantly it is an occaision to get yourself along to!

Make yourself comfortable, grab a pew and join us!


The Joiners Arms South View, Hunwick, Co. Durham.
DL15 0JW
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