Meats of the World!

21/02/2009 14:56

It's not 24 hours since I tasted three different meats from two different continents. Now I know that some people will turn their noses up at Zebra, Camel and Kangaroo but hey; it's just meat.

The pub has been really busy of late, so Ian and Joanne must be doing something right and although they decided to keep traditional faves on the menu this week they went for some oddities to try and tempt you. It worked too with varying success (Camel is off the menu)!

Ian thought he would try out some game meats from the southern hemisphere and let's face it, you are not often going to be able to try Ostrich, Kangaroo, Kudu, Springbok and Zebra in the same venue at the same time, so plenty attended (thanks) and most of it was really enjoyed.

So; what's it like? Well the answer in short is, it's like alot of meat you can go and buy at butchers around here. Of those I tried Kangaroo was definately my favourite although Springbok came a very, very close second. Kangaroo is almost like liver, it has a livery flavour and very nearly a liver texture but at the same time you know you are eating meat, because it also has a hint of beefiness to it, not offal. Get what I mean? It's like a cow got it on with a deer and the resulting hybrid was kagaroo.(taste only, I do know that if you mixed a deer and a cow it would not look like a Kangaroo)

Springbok, well if you like venison you will like springbok, actually thinking about it now.. I might have to re-arrange my order of preference and Zebra? I can honestly say i never thought about eating zebra before but seeing it on the menu just made me think ' I'm never going to get this chance to try this again' so down the gullet it went, and it was nice, like steak although a little more subtle. Yup that's right, it's not as tasty as good old British Beef! Nice all the same.

I didn't try Ostrich last night, although I have had it's velvety, dark meaty legs before and I am now thinking I should have dug deep into my stomach reserves to try the Kudu but from what I hear...Camel is worth a miss? This might not be true.

On a final note some friends of ours sat down at the table next to us and had another variety of dishes, ghoulash, fish and chips and the most wonderous sight ever. It really should have been entered into one of the seven wonders of the world. The most beautiful looking 34oz T'Bone steak I have ever seen. Although I was full, I would have liked a taste but none was left over!!

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