Ok I Admit It!

10/10/2009 23:32

I was wrong.


A hot summer it was not.


The gulf stream was further up than normal but the Jet stream mucked it up for us. Summer was as norm.


That said September was pretty fab and even today October the 10th was nice, warm, and pleasant...sept for those pesky midges!

I think considering the downturn in the economy (Britain most affected?), that we in Hunwick have faired pretty well. I took my family out the other day for a meal, 5 of us. It only cost £smidginly quids. If I was in the situation I am now but living in a city I wouldnt be able to take in laws out as well as my own family.

So: I am lucky to live in Hunwick. Lucky to be in a place where people care,are compassionate, intersting, conversational and where the local serves up good food for non rip off prices.



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