They're Coming Home, England V Germany

28/06/2010 09:29

Lasies and gentlemen,


Yesterdays debacle in Bloemfontein was a sight to behold indeed. Soundly beaten by the Germans our England manager responded by saying that the English lads played well. Hmm, forgive me but I just think that's a load of old tosh.


We had a clear goal disallowed. That goal would have seen England lavel at 2 - 2 but would it have made any difference; NO! The Germans were just bloody superior. They beat us at our own game, long balls hoiked forward, our formation did not fit. It's almost as if they knew that we'd be playing 4 4 2 and that would leave us hopelessly exposed at that back.

This leaves me with some questions.

1. Should the FA put a cap on the amount of foreign players a club team is allowed to have?

2. Should the FA and Premiership cut the amount of games English clubs play each season?

3. Should there be a cap on players wages?

4. Should players be paid anything when playing for England?

I don't know, but something has to change.


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