Watch This Space - It's here!

11/02/2009 22:16

It Starts this week

Meats of the world.


Ok so you will still be able to get your usuals, but this week you can have a taste of Africa. How many places can you name that would offer up for your consumption, the following?

Springbok - A sort of african deer

Camel - Don't worry, it won't give you the 'Ump.

Kudu - one of africa's largest antelopes

Ostrich - The world largest bird and can run up to 40mph, meaty legs then!

Zebra - Very seasonal and can only be had at certain times of the year, you are unlikely to see this on the menu of another place.

Kangaroo - One for our Antipodean pals and one that has been eaten here on many occaisions. Really nice.


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