Whilst The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play!

30/05/2009 18:56

Well it has been a while since my last post in the Blog so I thought I might take a moment or two now as the hot summer sun disappears behind South View.

It has been a very busy start to the year for just about everyone and what with the Credit Crunch and MP's being less than honest with their expenses it's nice we have some May sunshine to cheer us up. Add to that the fact that Ian and Joanne are on their hols and all looks bright. Only joking but Auld Ian is much more easily persuaded to add a dram or two more in your whisky than the younger generation, know what I mean?

Last weekend was a hectic one for Ian and Joanne though and they worked their little and large cotton socks off (large feet that Joanne) serving the merry folk of Hunwick and environs although on fish night they did have a little help from a new waiter. Handsome fella too, can't quite remeber his name but strong, personable, intelligent he was. With a big crescendo the Bank Holiday weekend finished off with KABOOM in the form of Spice Barbeque day. that's right the boys from Spice Lounge in Bishop Auckland came back up to the Village to cook a 'Spice Barbie' and very well it went down too. Hundreds of people passed through the pub and it was all finished off with a fundraising quiz in aid of Hunwick Cricket Club who recently have had two generators stolen. On that note, if you happen to know anyone selling a large generator cheaply I could do with one and myself# and Ian and Mick would love to meet with them to seal the deal. ;)

A friend of mine works for the Met. Office and reckons that this summer is going to be a cracker. Apparantly it's all to do with the Gulf Stream, a warm current of water coming all the way accross the Atlantic from the Carribean to our shores. It seems that earlier in the year it was further north than it has been for several years and although this could mean some heavy rain it should see us having a hot July and August and probably even an Indian summer. If Indian summers are anything like indian food, I'll have a bit of that.

It also looks like the village will be having a village fete this year on the green. It's hoped that on August Bank Holiday that most of the residents will turn up, help out etc.. but the grand scheme is to once again have a  parade through the village with marching bands and a flyover by the Red Arrows. Maybe next year eh?

Well here's to the coming months, warm sunshine, a few drinks and an end to boom and bust. Chin Chin!


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